Photovoltaic panels

40 photovoltaic panels have been installed, together with three inverters, which are converting the electricity produced from DC to AC.  The rated output at 25 degrees  C is 9.2KW.  The final connections have been made and there is a meter to measure the output and a two-way meter which records the net consumption.  The panels have neat and effective anti-theft bolts.

As you will see from the photographs, it has not been an easy job, but it has been ultimately successful. The RSJs which form the base for the panels came in by helicopter and Jeremy brought the panels down, eight at time, on his tracked barrow. We have planted grass seed and so the bare earth has almost disappeared.

Below you’ll find a few photographs on the panel installation. Click on a thumbnail to view the larger image – you may then cycle through the entire selection using the left and right arrows. To exit the slideshow, just click on any image.

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